A lot has changed in Call of Duty over the course of the year. There are new weapons and combinations with which you can play at the very front in Warzone.

Whoever will win in Warzone needs the right strategy and the right weapons. The loadout drops, which you can buy for $ 10,000 in one round, are a certain part of the personal progression of the rounds.

Not only can you get good weapons through the drops, they are also your own right to receive discounts. Which one you should take here has not been taken care of by your choice of weapon and will briefly equip powerful weapons here. Towards the end of the round, you should then go on a spirit change to be before drone quality. The Best Guns in Season 6

The Best Guns is also for everyone, which gun is theirs. It doesn't just depend on the political meta, but also on your style of play.


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