Could The Rock make Fortnite's list of character skins?

Hollywood actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made an interesting reference to Fortnite on Twitter during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, indicating that he will become a character skin in the Ultra -popular Battle Royale- Video game. It was an exchange between him and a Twitter user named The Brandaloriam that sparked discussion. The skirt appeared as a float during the parade, causing social media to explode. Some will remember the image that popped up a few years ago showing Vintage The Rock sporting a fanny pack, jeans and a turtleneck. The rock immediately became a meme. Somehow, the Hollywood star briefly referred to Fortnite.

Macy's harvest festival parade

The car in question was a shockingly accurate likeness to the timeless meme. Much news and media coverage of the gigantic version of The Rock on its way through Manhattan, New York. The WWE Superstar-turned-Hollywood actor confirmed the reason for the presence of the swimmer, who was serving as the marketing method for an upcoming show called "Young Rock". But it was a follow-up tweet that caught the interest of some members of the Fortnite community.

The Rock in Fortnite?

Twitter user @BrandonDavisBD noted that the swimmer from The Rock bore a remarkable resemblance to a Fortnite skin. "Why does @TheRock float look like a #Fortnite skin from The Rock?" He asked. The Hollywood superstar replied and said, "Way ahead of you, BD

Great minds." The stone; Anyone who is likely getting hundreds of thousands of tweets a day responded to a connection between the Float and Fortnite. The Rock itself may have noticed the similarities, but it's not impossible to believe that it can't appear in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Battle Royale and its developer Epic Games are no strangers to working with various entertainment brands and organizations. This high list includes the National Football League, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and more. Epic Games hasn't shown any signs of stopping either, as they've managed to snag almost every recognizable pop culture character and turn them into Fortnite skins. A tweet from Donald Mustard, the global creative director of Epic Games, made an odd connection with The Rock, but it's just a theory.

Donald Mustard Rock Tweet

Also, Donald Mustard from Epic Games has pictures on Thanksgiving tweeted from painted stones.

Yesterday this super great trail was "discovered" in Southern Utah, where people lined the path with painted stones, covered with cool art, quotes, etc. It's called the Aspiration Trail. Today we added some rocks … "

It's probably a stretch – but it seems handy that The Rock's" Fortnite "swimmer and Donald Mustard's rock expedition took place on the same day. We know how cryptic Epic Games is and Donald Mustard is no stranger to teasing and building the anticipation of Fortnite's future. One of those bricks added was the hashtag #RIPTilted, which of course references the popular Tilted Towers location in Chapter 1. It's obvious that The Rock might join Fortnite, but it's just speculation right now.

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