ESTNN leads Fortnite players in Chapter 2 – Season 8 through the mysterious side streets of the past. Last season's event Operation: Sky Fire started the invasion of the purple cubes and the destruction of the island. Now Cube Monsters are slowly taking control, as are these new Sideways areas, which take an unpredictable place on the map each game when entering its intimidating surroundings.

What are the Sideways?

 A shot of the Sideways area from Fortnite Season 8, which shows purple glowing cubes in the middle of a ruined landscape.

Epic Games introduced the Sideways as a. a new area to explore, similar to Rift Zones from Chapter 1. Upon entering this area, players lose the ability to build. Guns and nifty angles are the only reliable tools at your disposal as most of the players fall into the sideways in each lobby. Navigating this area also grants players weightlessness which means they can jump and hover higher in the air]

Perhaps the most critical factor in entering the sideways is the cube monsters. A la Zombies in Chapter 1 – these non-player characters (NPCs) will chase and attack you and your teammates until you either leave the sidewalks or eliminate them. The monsters come in all shapes and sizes, so you'll need to have plenty of ammunition to ship them. In addition, stinker cube monsters explode into a stink cloud when they are eliminated, which leads to damage in the immediate area of ​​effect]

Two Sideways-specific weapons are included in Fortnite Season 8; a sideways rifle and a sideways minigun. Each offers a unique take on its non-sideways counterpart. The rifle does not require reloading, but it can overheat and is accurate on the first shot. The Sideways Minigun is possibly the most powerful weapon in the game. It can shred through enemy structures with relative ease and has a severe blow. It's worth noting that killed dice monsters drop dice monster pieces that you can use to improve rarities on the sideways Mingun and Rifle highlight the position of the sideways. "Width =" 943 "height =" 916 "/>

Now that we've covered what you can expect in the sideways, let's determine exactly where you can enter the zone. The highlighted map above shows where the sideways are when you enter the battle bus Fall has taken the sideways from Holly Hedges. However, it appears at a different primary point of interest in each game. You will need to open your map when the game starts to find the sideways.

That should cover everything you can think of the sideways need to know in Fortnite Season 8. It is unclear what epic plans exist for this new zone in the coming weeks. We will definitely update this article with additional information!

Selected s picture: Epic Games

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