The American Youth Cooperative for Esports (AYCE) and analytics company Harena Data have partnered with the Tourism Board Visit Myrtle Beach to start an esport recruiting initiative.

The "Golden Dragons" program will reward young American players with scholarships, jerseys, and a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, a popular South Carolina tourist destination.

Photo Credit: Visit Myrtle Beach

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Bill Dever, Chairman of AYCE commented in a press release: “Myrtle Beach is one of the first cities of the country adopting an esports initiative of this caliber and quality. We are honored that Visit Myrtle Beach selected AYCE as the primary community aggregator for the sport and we look forward to helping them flourish. The future of sport in Myrtle Beach is bright. "

The Golden Dragons Initiative will be a" regular, year-round game series "that allows players to earn points through qualifying tournaments before a season limited competition of $ 2,000 (~ £ 1500) grand prize and $ 1,000 (~ £ 750) scholarship for the runner-up. Additionally, Golden Dragons jerseys are awarded to the top 300 players based on points.

The companies have not specified which game or games to use in the competition, although AYCE – which is made up of numerous government soccer organizations – supports More than 150 competitive games according to Harena Data's GYO Score platform. Players who stream their gameplay via Twitch can also request that their match be published on MetaMedia's new streaming channel studioGYO.

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Karen Riordan, Visit Myrtle Beach's President and CEO added, “Visit Myrtle Beach is excited to be working with AYCE and Harena on this marketing program. Our goal will be the jerseys that are sought after by young soccer players from all over the country. This will provide great brand awareness to the sports community, which in turn will raise awareness of Myrtle Beach as a top tournament and family vacation destination. “

Esports Insider Says: The unique catch here is having Visit Myrtle Beach participate to build a connection between the city and the sport. We'll see if this is part of a larger undertaking to turn the tourist area into an esports destination.

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