It has been a long time since the American semi-professional player Dennis Fong won a Ferrari 328 in 1997 because of his talent in the early three-dominated Quake game. Sport is the fan term for competitive gaming. It is now a market with sales of more than $ 1.1 billion with a staggering number of celebrities including Michael Jordan and David Beckham, luxury designers (Louis Vuitton) and companies (Kraft Group), who want to participate.

Concurrent professionals play in games like League of Legends, Duty Call and Overwatch. The other professional group of video players are entertainers. The first trains with coaches and athletes alike. The latter live streams on YouTube and Twitch keep millions of fans happy, qualified and fun.

"I think it is the largest traditional sports league that will compete with its capabilities in the future." Steve Borenstein, President of Activision Blizzard Esports Division and former CEO of ESPN and the NFL Network, said, "There are tremendous areas of growth for this emerging sector in advertising, ticket sales, licensing, sponsorship and merchandising."

The Global Der athletic market totaled just over $ 950 million in 2020 and is expected to reach nearly $ 1.6 billion in 2023. Madden 19 is part of the long-running EA Madden series that debuted at the Jacksonville tournament. EA Madden Franchise has sold over 130 million units and total revenue of over $ 4 billion since its inception nearly 30 years ago.

Sports competitions have become a cultural trend and now compete with major conventional sports events. Major tournaments take place in venues where thousands of fans watch professional video gamers compete for profitable prize pools of the big name. Only one thing should be taken seriously: games.

Uni Degrees for Esports: What would you study?

The market element of the degree focuses on sports. Students will learn what they need to host events large and small, develop business strategies to create teams, and promote events using digital marketing in a practical and technological environment. Esports management students will also discuss a culture of the sport, its audience and fan base, and four of the most important game genres in the industry.

“Apart from the love of games and the games of others. My main reason for making the transition to sport is that one of my partners, Loukmane Issa, was excited about the industry, ”said Sam Ward, Co-Founder of Valor Esports.

During the program, students acquire important specialist knowledge in the sports business department through sports marketing; Analytics; Tournament and league management; Special event management; Accounting and communication. Students will learn about software and hardware for industry, computer networks, and team management business models and tournaments as they hone and improve their streaming skills.

A degree program gives you more insight into the sports landscape and the ability to adapt to the continuous changes in this industry and the ability to pioneer this fast growing sports business market.

What are the entry requirements?

The entry criteria for some schools are different. A strong collection of GCSE grades is required for a Bachelor's degree, most A or A * and an IB DipLoma totaling 38 points. Some schools list A-niveaux as an additional qualification for general study. A four-year bachelor's degree in the same field and a minimum GPA of B + is required for a master’s degree.

The programs are modular and offer versatility and variety. Each loan is typically equivalent to around 10 hours of total study time. Total study time includes scheduled classroom, independent study, and assessment activities. Full-time students receive 60 loans per semester, while part-time students receive proportionally fewer loans per semester. It takes three years to complete a traditional full-time bachelor's degree.

What career opportunities do I have?

Valor Esports may have life skills such as resilience, discipline and communication application through esports using the Valor structure, which leads to an education in the industry as not everyone aspires to be a professional gamer. "If you love what you do and love sports, then chances are you are enjoying a career in the sports industry," said Ward.

"Valor Esports wants its players to know exactly how to create opportunities." in the industry they love. This ideology ties in with the concept of building well-rounded competitors. Just because you can't be a pro doesn't mean you can't have a fulfilling career with what you love. “

There are many different roles within the sport – some are more practical than others – and more non-endemic companies are opening esports departments or adding roles that work within the space. Aside from being a pro, the esports industry has a wide variety of employment opportunities including becoming a shoutcaster or a game tester. Coach or analyst; Journalist or content creator; PR or Marketing Managers, etc.

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