The life simulation "The Sims" has been played for 20 years. Now the series get their own series.

The Sims as competitive games? The own media companies TBS and Buzzfeed had this idea. In cooperation with Eleague, the organizer of the CS: GO Boston Majors 2018, a series called " The Sims Spark & ​​# 39; d " is growing.

Various online personalities play the Sims 4 there and have to try to tell the most interesting stories in the game. These are met by a three-member jury. The winner has a whole $ 100,000.

Here is the trailer for the series:

As the trailer shows, the series is very emotional. The players with their stories and the jury members, who also include Sims voice actress Tayla Parx, are responsible for this.

The series will have four episodes and will be heard on July 17th. All episodes will be available online.

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Image source: Eleague

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