The day before yesterday, CSGO and TF2 had a significant source code leak. A conversation between VNN Tyler and a leaked Valve employee can end CSGO and TF2 as we know it.

However, the danger on the horizon can be far greater. I break my heart hoping to hear the source code leaks. RCE exploit rumors in TF2 imply that users can run malicious code on a device. Maybe we want to stop playing CSGO until we can only hear from Valve.

Today the leak triggered RCE operations in TF2. The application leakage. Hackers can access data on your computer simply by being on the same server as you. Your device can even become vulnerable to malicious code that runs without you understanding it on your computer.

This problem, including WarOwl and Bananagaming, has been fixed by prominent CSGO personalities and YouTubers. Maxim also shutdown his servers for security reasons. If we want to be free, we will advise our readers to stay away from all source games until Valve arrives and stays. However, Source 2 games are risk free.

Eg Dota 2, Underlords, Half-Life: Alyx and Artefact are some examples of source engine games. So you can still play Source 2 games without the ability to install malicious code on your computer.

The undervalued Team Fortress 2 has officially declared the problem. “It is certainly possible that someone will install a virus on the same server on your computer.

You have taken precautions to cover the scenario that is not played on any website or even offline on a source, but is not limited to game play, and does not access leaked files. Your products and Steam profile can also be targeted his.

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