In their latest bug investigation into Counter-Strike viewers, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) published a public update in which a total of 37 culprits were named.

On September 4, ESIC conducted a historical investigation into the use of In-Strike a game CSGO games. At the time of writing, approximately 20 percent of the 99,650 demonstrations generated by ESEA and HLTV in 2016 have been verified by ESIC.

The audit showed that 96 cases of failure in a competitive environment were intentionally caused, which means that 37 trainers are involved. These sanctions would ensure that coaches are not allowed to enter the official match game servers, interact with players and participate in the card veto process 15 minutes before and after a game.

All ESIC member organizations including ESL, DreamHack, WePlay will be penalized in addition to Eden Esports, BLAST, NODWIN Gaming and LVP. In addition, the non-profit organization has called on tournament operators outside their jurisdiction to respect these bans "in order to guarantee the international protection of the CSGO esports scene".

ESIC managed bugs causing competitive bans between five and 36 months using the tiered system that determines the frequency and duration of abuse. At the beginning of the investigation, the open denominational period was further taken into account in the results of the criminal assessments.

Confessions were recognized to varying degrees in order to shorten the duration of the ban received, and validated for specificity and validity of remorse. 19 trainers were confronted with relevant confessions of guilt at the time of publication.

ESIC refused to comment on the complicity of the spectators, saying it was unable to confirm with "fair security" player involvement. Instead, it "encourages the group not to speculate".

Rivalry DreamHack and WePlay got special mention! Sports that contribute to the cost of law enforcement. We also thanked a broader, undisclosed industrial community for funding previous ESIC research activities.

“We understand that these results have been difficult for many people in the CSGO group, but we believe that the best interest in games and all sports will long last. Term used in fixing the violations of honesty. ESIC reflected on the revised requests in a statement. We know that most coaches, players, event managers, developers, publishers, fans, sponsors, and broadcasters want clean, equal competition between players and teams in order to do their best. Our job is to make sure this happens and to rehabilitate or eliminate corrupt and weak actors.

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