The eSports betting market has grown exponentially in recent years and is now an established market among bookmakers. eSports betting has become popular with the growth of large game tournaments, with games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, and Fortnite being some of the most popular games to bet on. When it comes to the way players bet on eSports, bets are usually placed using either in-game currency or cosmetics and skins, or real money.

Betting on eSports

One side of the eSports betting market runs like any other sports betting where people bet real money on the outcome of eSports. However, there are alternative betting methods such as cosmetic betting that have become popular. These alternative betting methods are similar to how casino bettors can wager on games like blackjack with chips at a land-based casino, or how they can use bonus rewards by betting on online blackjack through SkyCity. Instead of bonus rewards, esports bettors use in-game skins and cosmetics to place their bets, resulting in a different type of betting experience.

Cosmetic betting

In-game cosmetics and skins are becoming increasingly popular within certain games within eSports. One game in which this type of betting predominates is Counter Strike: Global Offensive . Skins and cosmetics in this game are unlocked by random dropping boxes and leveling up, or buying keys to unlock boxes.

Cosmetic and skin bets in CS: GO usually take place in two formats. The first is to wager like a standard sports market by supporting a team and using the skin value of your bets to determine your stake. The second format is a lottery-based system where users deposit skins into a large prize pool. The higher the value of the deposited skin, the better the chances of winning. Once the lottery entries are closed, a winner will be drawn at random and will receive the entire ticket.

Real money betting

As already mentioned, the eSports betting market has developed into an established market and various games can now be bet on. Typically, eSports betting markets consist of team-based games and you can bet on what the outcome of the game will be.

A number of games have been introduced in the real money betting markets of eSports. Fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter are popular because they consist of one-on-one games so the betting market is easy. Other popular genres are FPS games like Call of Duty and CS: GO, sports games like FIFA and NBA 2k, and one of the most popular esports genres, multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends and Dota 2. [19659016] Source: [19659016] Pixabay

It is hard to say which form of esports betting is the most popular as both cosmetic and skin bets and real money bets are growing in popularity. The preferred betting model depends on your goals. If you love to gamble, betting with skins might be a good option as you have a chance to get more skins and cosmetics. People who prefer to watch eSports are more likely to bet real money.

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