It’s Day 2 of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and we already have three teams that have secured a spot in the Legends Stage. Yesterday we had a lot of interesting results, G2 Esports and Team Vitality were the first two teams to advance to the next stage. On the other hand, Renegades and 9z Team were the first two teams eliminated from the event.

But the Swiss system format will become more intense as the tournament progresses. On Day 3 we would have one of the best series of the event so far, Astralis would face Team Spirit in a best-of-3 series to determine which team would advance to the Legends Stage third.

Yesterday we saw Astralis defeat Brazilian team MIBR in Overpass, and although they struggled a bit during the game, they managed to finish the game in a convincing way. Now, if we look back on the opening day, they completely dominated APAC representatives IHC Esports, but Astralis lost to Team Vitality, which is one of the teams that has already qualified for the next phase.

Team Spirit had the same dominant run for the first two days of the event. Even if we factor in the 19-17 loss to G2 Esports, Team Spirit ended up looking like one of the strongest teams in the tournament by far. But now they would have to face Astralis in a best-of-3 series to prove their superiority.

These two teams had something similar in common, they both dropped their games against G2 Esports and Team Vitality, the first two teams to earn a spot in the Legends Stage. Even if they didn’t have a perfect record in their series, they were still considered the strongest teams in the Challengers Stage.

But the series ended on a bit of a disappointment, even though Team Spirit secured the first game of the series in a shaky way, in the second game they completely overran Astralis on Ancient. Astralis only managed to win 18 rounds in the two games, leaving us wondering if they will 100% make it to the legend stage.

On the other side of the bracket, we now had an encounter between APAC representative IHC Esports and Brazilian Imperial Esports. If we are honest, the Brazilian squad looked much better than IHC Esports in this match, but the streak went until the third game.

The first game of the series ended in a win for IHC Esports, which made things very exciting from the start. In Game 2, IHC Esports built up a good defense in Overpass but ultimately lost the game and tied the points in the series. Heading into Game 3, Imperial Esports looked like a much stronger team and, as expected, managed to book a win on their books.

Now Imperial Esports and Astralis have another chance to make it to the Legend stage. Team Liquid, ForZe, and Bad News Eagles are some of the teams remaining in the Challengers Stage.

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