This is a (Wii) Party political broadcast.

The party game is a seriously underrated genre. Unfairly written off as overly simplistic or even shovelware by some gamers, party games can, in fact, be immensely enjoyable for casual players and hardcore gamers alike. After all, I’ve 100% completed numerous Zelda and Resident Evil games, and party games still represent some of my all-time favourite moments with a controller.

My absolute favourite party game of all time is Wii Party. The 2010 classic was fun for all the family in video game form, fuelling many a frantic and shouty gaming session (sorry, neighbours) in my living room. Wii Party was simple enough that everyone from my youngest sibling to my oldest grandparent could understand it, and deep enough that, once we all got super-skilled, we could employ strategy to really try and make fools of one another.

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