Update: French retailer also lists the game.

Update: Potentially lending some more weight to the rumour, French retailer Sogamely has “SONIC COLORS ULTIMATE – LIMITED EDITION SWITCH” listed for 34,99€, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One product pages also live (thanks, Nintendo Everything). It’s not clear if this listing went live before or after the game was spotted in IKSample’s list of credits.

Original Story (Fri 9th Apr, 2021 18:55 BST): German production company IKSample has a long a storied history providing localisation services across the mediums of film, television and video games (as you can see for yourself by perusing the credits on the company’s website). However, one or two very interesting video game projects appear on its projects page, and an eagle-eyed individual has spotted a remaster of none other than Sonic Colors just sitting there on the internet.

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