Mean bean machine.

One of the brilliant things about Nintendo Switch becoming a new harbour for indie development is the sheer number of unusual ideas and concepts that see the light of day. So, even the most oddball of premises have the opportunity to cultivate an audience when they land on the eShop. It’s this inclusive atmosphere that’s allowed one of the weirdest yet most intriguing indie curios on PC to make its way onto Nintendo’s current-gen machine; a game that asks you to casually mediate the personal problems of fantastical millennials while soothing their bruised egos with cups of tea and coffee. Welcome to the world of Coffee Talk.

The Seattle in which you operate just so happens to be populated by elves, dwarves, succubi and many other fairy tale folk. The wars of these races are a distant memory, and now everyone is just trying to live their lives in a Fables-esque maelstrom of normality. The dwarves have left their mountain mining to form automotive empires. The elves have traded their peaceful glades for tech startups and valleys made of silicon. Yes, this really is a game about making coffee and listening to people talk, but don’t let that elevator pitch put you off, because it’s a really moreish experience. Who knew navigating the emotional minefields of the Emerald City’s werewolf, vampire and orc population could be so much fun?

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