The Nevada Gaming Control Board granted Wednesday approval to place counter-strike betting on ESL Pro League Season 11: North America. The types of bets allowed are three: head to head; Winner of each game; and overall winner of the season.

Bet types such as in-play betting or & # 39; live betting & # 39; are not allowed, the regulators said.

Casinos and Esport Betting Sites offer odds on world-class CSGO tournaments, esport betting accounted for $ 560 million in the esports industry in 2019 and are expected to be up to three times as high like in the coming years.

Regulators now require that all licensed bookmakers publish and approve bets on Counter-Strike ESL Pro League Season 11: North America under certain conditions. Licensed books wishing to offer such deployments must email the terms to the compliance department. Betting must be stopped before each game begins.


And according to relevant laws, reports must be based on a credible source and all related review procedures must be followed. Sports betting is left to determine the chances of winning and the rules for such bets must be made publicly available.

All additional wagers that are not included in the three approved forms for this event must be applied for and approved separately.

New Jersey's casinos and racetracks started betting on professional eSports betting tournaments in November last year, despite approval from the state Gaming Compliance Division. This state is also debating laws that would allow legal betting on eSports events published earlier this month by an assembly committee.

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