Time to betray everyone. Again.

Project Winter, a brutal eight-person survival/betrayal game set in the unforgiving snowy wilderness, has been confirmed as a Switch release “coming soon”. Other Ocean Interactive, also responsible for the 3DS Minecraft and the Wii U port of Costume Quest 2, released the game on PC in February of 2019, and have also just announced that the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at the end of January.

Like any survival game, Project Winter offers a lot of horrendous ways to die: mauled to death by a bear, crushed to death by an angry moose, poisoned by berries, eaten by wolves, and being killed by a fellow teammate… who was a saboteur the whole time. With proximity-based voice chat, you want to make sure you don’t wander off alone, because your friends won’t be able to hear you scream for help if the traitors find you.

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