Willy or won’t he?

With a name like Willy Jetman, developer Last Chicken Games seems to be courting a nostalgic audience who fondly recall the ZX Spectrum adventures of Matthew Smith’s Jet Set Willy and Rare’s (née Ultimate Play the Game) Lunar Jetman. It’s a tried and tested move to attract interest in a crowded digital marketplace, and frankly, it’s unbecoming of a title as polished and enjoyable as this. Willy Jetman doesn’t need to stimulate gamers’ nostalgia glands when it offers a tight, rewarding adventure seemingly effortlessly.

The simplistic story is laced with humour which is quite puerile at times, but in a charmingly silly way, and the dialogue never outstays its welcome. It’s focused entirely on the gameplay, with limited tutorials meaning you can grasp the mechanics and just get on with it, which is refreshing. And they’re fun mechanics, too, with Willy’s jetpack functioning precisely as you’d expect.

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