Drifting to sleep.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Micro Pico Racers is the second coming of the classic racing franchise Micro Machines. Indeed, with its colourful pixelated design (and the blatant fact that it has the word Micro in the title), the game is a clear homage to Codemasters’ series of arcade racers. Unfortunately, despite its tantalisingly low entry price, Micro Pico Racers is hard to recommend, with gameplay so barebones, the experience sadly falls on its micro behind.

The bulk of the game sees you complete a variety of bite-sized tasks, taking you through a series of challenges from ‘Novice’ level right up to ‘Master’ level. On the surface, there’s a decent amount of challenges here to be cracking on with, but when each one takes – at most – a minute or so to complete, it won’t take long to get through all of them. Having said that, the difficulty spikes in the game are often ludicrous, and largely hinges on which vehicle you choose to drive. If you don’t choose the exact specification needed for the challenge, chances are you’ll fail and need to start over.

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