China keeps the measure of things in League of Legends . TOP Esports leads world champion FunPlusPhoenix 3-1 and wins the Mid-Season Cup 2020.

Many fans had eagerly helped the Mid-Season Cup. Part of the replacement program for the promised mid-season invitational promised a meeting of the LoL titans China and Korea. Instead of a Korean team, there was one win for China's LPL: only one Korean team made it into the playoffs.

T1 eliminated early

The hopes of Korean fans were as chosen on Lee Faker Sang-hyeoks T1 rested. T1 had played a strong spring split in the LCK and as one of the favorites in the Mid-Season Cup.

This role was only justified in the first game. Despite the victory against FunPlusPhoenix, Faker & Co. lost the same games in the group and were eliminated before the weekend.

Chinese Dominance [19659002] Except for Invictus Gaming, who left without a win, and which derive from the Chinese LPL strengths. Except for Gen.G, all rights of the LCK were already eliminated in the group.
Gen.G was not able to retrieve his performance in the playoffs and was damaged with his own 3-0 from TOP Esports.

In the other semi-final encounter, FunPlusPhoenix lead the Chinese Spring Split winner JD Gaming and secured the team safely at the final
This is decided for itself. The central dominance of the Mid-Season Cup shows the rapid development of the LPL. In 2018, Invictus Gaming bought the world championship title for the first time in China, this year FPX did the same. Now the mid-season trophy has been released from the LPL relationship.

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