The eSports division of Riot Games for the League of Legends, LOL Esports, has a number of upcoming changes to the operation of the European Regional Leagues (ERLs) Announced] – Europe's minor league scene.

LOL Esports has expanded its licensing agreements with "almost" all ERLs and also made a number of major changes that will give the leagues more stability and pave the way for aspiring professional players.

 LoL Esports ERLS

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The first and most significant of these changes is the creation of Categories: All Regional Leagues Are Now be either accredited or non-accredited although non-accredited ERLs can apply for accreditation if they meet certain criteria.

These categories then determine whether the regional leagues are likely to host fline, personal Events. For accredited ERLs, offline events are not only sanctioned, they are expected. The categories also determine whether or not players are added to Riot's global contract database. Only players in accredited leagues will be included in the database.

Riot is also introducing a number of other changes, including the unification of the Baltic and Polish leagues and the Dutch and Belgian leagues. There will also be a standardization of the prize money and an increase in team salaries. The streaming rules are also changing. Although no official date has been announced for the formal implementation of these changes and their full details will not be disclosed, their rollout is planned for the closing of the EU Masters events in late September: Riot capitalizes on the recent success of the EU Masters by introducing the Europe's growing regional scene further stabilized. The additional accreditation and especially the increase in team salaries will only help this thriving scene as it continues to gain momentum.

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