Many ADCs have started building Manamune as the first item. We take a look at the item, champions, and playing style of Manamune ADCS.

When you think of Manamune and the champions who built it first, two that might come to mind are Ezreal and Jayce, two skillshot-dependent champions who need mana to be effective. More recently, however, we have seen Kai & # 39; sa use Manamune to inflict large amounts of attack damage while maintaining their development at a great price. But what if I told you that any ADC can now build Manamune? Let's find out why and on which champions it could be most effective.

Season 9 paves the way

Manamune has always been a niche item that is inexpensive for champions who need to build it, but after some changes in Season 9, people have finally understood how inexpensive it really is. By combining its cost-effectiveness with the rune, Presence of Mind champions can get their attack damage cheaply and scale hard right into the middle of the game. In Patch 9.23, Presence of Mind was changed from an ultimate rune to reduce cooldown to a rune that increases a champion's maximum mana. Patch 9.9 has slightly improved Manamune and increased base attack damage from 25 to 35, making the item even cheaper. Due to the changes and the good synergy of the presence of Mind and Manamune, they have become an integral part of Bot Lane since Season 10.


I used a level 12 Kog & maw mana pool to do these calculations.

  A description and statistics of the League of Legends item Muramana

  • Stacked Manamune (Muramana) = 90AD
  • + bonus AD of passive and presence of mind and base mana = 44 AD
  • 700 base Mana, 1000 Muramana Mana, 500 POM Mana = 2,200 Mana * .02 = 44
  • 90AD + 44AD = 134 AD

For the cost of 2,400 gold, you could technically take 134 attack damage while an Infinity Edge does only 80 damage can do attack damage for 3,400 gold. Of course, Infinity Edge offers an astonishing passive that makes it more difficult to scale critical damage by increasing critical hit damage by 25%. However, it can't keep up with Manamune + Presence of Mind's early cost-effectiveness.

Who Should Use It?

 A list of potential Manamune users with headshots of Ezreal, Kai & # 39; Sa, Kog & # 39; Maw, Draven, Jinx, Twitch, Kalista, Caitlyn

Ezreal and Kai & # 39; sa use Manamune for a while and I don't see that changing anytime soon. However, Kog’maw, Draven, Jinx, and Twitch are all champions who can greatly benefit from the cost-effectiveness that can be found in the combination of Manamune and Mind Presence. Kog & # 39; maw would be my strongest recommendation for those of you who want to try Manamune as a first item as Kog & # 39; maw works very well with increased mana and attack damage.

  An arrangement for building items of the League of Legends with Manamune, Guinsoo's Razorblade and Death & # 39; s Dance for Kog & # 39; Maw
An example of a Manamune build for Kog & # 39; Maw.

Two champions I would not throw Manamune on are Kalista and Caitlyn because these champions do not abuse the benefits as much as other champions. Kalista wants to tip hard early to take control of the game, and Caitlyn wants to increase her critical strike damage to mate with her passive. This means that these two champions are trying to achieve different goals than Manamune can offer them, making the item less of an ideal rush compared to other ADCs that would build it. I hope this provides some insight for those of you looking for clarity on why ADCs Manamune and, as usual, GL HF are poised for the Rift Summoners.

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