Caitlyn, Caitlyn, Caitlyn … can anyone survive the wrath of Piltover's sheriff in Bot Lane? Probably not.

With a 55% win rate, 28% pick rate, and 22% ban rate in over 610,000 Platinum + games, there is no other ADC that is close to what Caitlyn brings to the table is coming. Oh, what's this? You think Ashe can stop this sheriff's rule? Think again, Ashe is on the chopping block at 10:16 a.m., while Riot has said nothing about Caitlyn's dominance over the crack.


The professionals:

  • Strong early
  • Zoning
  • Long Range [19659006] Semi-Global Ultimate
  • Objective control
  • Critical scaling
  • No bad matches

The disadvantages:

  • Weak if behind
  • Lower team fight DPS
  • Difficulty placing traps
  • Inconsistent escape

Runes / Summoner spells

 A rune page for Caitlyn ADC with fleet footers as keystone and magic tree for secondary

Fleet footwork works well with Caitlyn's ranged combat because it uses its sustain and movement speed to drive home the aspects of her kit that are already very strong. While it may seem strange to take Presence of Mind on Caitlyn, Presence of Mind has become the standard second rune for almost all ADCS, with the exception of Aphelios, who has no mana problems. Bloodline is the third standard rune for each Infinity Edge ADC and Caitlyn finishes the precision tree with Coup de Grace, but is not afraid to play Cut Down against Tanky teams. In our secondary tree we take Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm. Nimbus Cloak increases our survivability and outplay while Gathering Storm allows us to scale the game later. Runes are the usual standard ADC side with attack speed, attack damage and armor.


 An example of the Champion of the League of Legends, Caitlyn, with suggested item paths and skill order

Contrary to popular belief The best listing currently for Caitlyn is a more attack-damage / crit-oriented build with less focus on attack speed. The reason for this is Caitlyn's slow attack speed, which means that she benefits much less when stacking Zeal items like other ADCs. First, build an Infinity Edge with berserk greaves on the side while installing either a Storm Razer or an Essence Reaver. For your third item, you can get a rapid-fire cannon to end the synergy with Storm Razer with Caitlyn's high base range and take complete control of a game.

Caitlyn to Victory

Early Game

Use your high base range and movement speed to bully your opponents off the track. Make sure your wave is always pushing and knocking your opponents on the tower as you chop around on tower slabs to build up a massive lead through gold generation. Caitlyn doesn't need kills to win games because she can only pressurize her opponents by forcing them to recall, but is not afraid of getting kills if you can bring your opponents under half the health of what Caitlyn does can do easily.

Mid Game

Try turning your lead over the map by dismantling the other outer towers on the map as you set up your traps. Be careful not to overstretch as it is very easy to feel untouchable as a Caitlyn, which will result in you having poor positioning and throwing games. As long as Caitlyn plays her early lead properly, she is usually able to win games by pressing targets and never die.

Late Game

Caitlyn can potentially be surpassed by other ADCs who have more team fight tools than their kit brings to the table. However, this does not mean that she cannot win team battles in the late game. it just means that she has to play them more creatively. Try to set up traps before fights to force your opponents to plunge into chokepoints to help your team make better fights for you than ADC. As long as Caitlyn is using her traps properly, she can double her late-game DPS while leaning back and driving out of the highest base area of ​​an ADC.

GL HF Summoner.

Statistics from lolalytics.

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