British League of Legends pro player Barney & # 39; Alphari & # 39; Morris has spoken about his ambitions and asked the hosts of the LEC desk to wonder if he could improve G2 or Fnatic if he could join them in the future.

Alphari spoke about the LEC broadcast tonight before his match with Origen against Vitality.

The top laner said: "I just want to win a split. I have always believed that, at least in Europe, I am or can be the best top laner.

“But I've never won a split. After not achieving anything in the past few years, I had to look at myself and say, 'Okay, I'm not the best yet', but that means I'll be in the future and I have to keep practicing.

“I always believed that someday I would be the best, or I am the best. So it was just a matter of sticking to it and trying to keep that belief in me despite disappointing results. "

Alphari, Origenes

LEC desk hosts Sjokz, YamatoCannon and Froskurinn talked about Alphari in the stream being a mid-split MVP and a candidate for the entire split MVP.

YamatoCannon said in the stream: "I can easily imagine that A world in which Alphari Wunders position [at G2] or Bwipos position [at Fnatic] and he will not make these teams worse. I think Alphari is a fantastic player. “

Where could we see Alphari in the future? What is its maximum potential – and can it achieve it? It will be interesting to see how things go.

It's interesting to follow Alphari since his days in the British League of Legends scene in 2015 – you can read our interview with a young Alphari with Team Infused here.

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