Not only in our personal life, but also in the game world there are various barriers that people with one are excluded from participation. The “Games without Frontiers” project aims to make games more accessible for handicapped gamers.

Games are much more than just a pastime for children and rights. You are a festive relative of our society. The aim of the project is the inclusion and the perception of diversity in actions. To do this, different games are tested, to see access to the services and experiences, to lose, to lose, to play, to play, to play, to play, to play, to play, to play, to play, to play, to play. Are there any subtitles that you can read well?

  • Understanding Do you have to solve tricky puzzles? Is the language? Are there a lot of scary moments where you get scared?
  • Seeing – Can you play the game when you can't see that well? Or when you take care that you can't take care of yourself?
  • Taxes – Are there any tools in the settings that you love to do the steering control?
  • This is where Minecraft comes off in the test

    In addition to the tests, the meeting day takes place once a year and all groups meet to play their favorite games.

    An interview with Ambassador Dennis Winkens

    Image source: Instagram (@wheelyworld)

    In an interview, Dennis Winkens' opinion that some games have already been made accessible was far from being heard that these also include for handicapped players. In his opinion, game developers take too little consideration for people with them. He finds this very positive that there are increasing approaches to accessibility.

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    Image source: Instagram (@wheelyworld)

    ] Side effects and tools are tested in gaming with no limits on differing input devices. The latest technology makes it possible to enjoy barriers in digital games or to make them smaller.

    Besides Dennis there are other paraplegics like Rocky "no hands" Steinberg play the title like Call of Duty: [19659012]

    The media educational project was brought to life by the Fachstelle für Jugendmedienkultur NRW and is supported by Congstar and Aktion Mensch “for three more years. In addition to competencies in the area of ​​communication, mindfulness and tolerance, the personal feeling towards other people becomes conscious.

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    Image source: Instagram (@wheelyworld)

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