The next addition to Fortnite's monthly subscription has been revealed.

Epic Games has officially launched Summer Skye as the newest Fortnite exclusive crew set. The very first monthly subscription service to the popular Battle Royale began late last year, and each month included a limited-time cosmetic set for players to enjoy. Crew subscribers have seen everything from original concepts to superheroes and supervillains like Loki and Green Arrow.

August marks the debut of yet another unique character created by concept artist nollobandz . Originally called Ava Summer Skye is a fan of Fortnite himself and will be added to the Fortnite list in a few days.

Summer Skye Description & Details

Fortnite's Twitter account announced the latest crew expansion earlier this morning. Described as "Part Cozy, Part Rapscallion, Part Boxy, Part Aura, Part Pinkie, Part Dark Rex, and Part Fearless Adventurer," Summer Skye takes part of many iconic Fortnite cosmetics and rolls them all into one. Epic's blog post provided a more detailed description of the new character.

“Always looking for adventure, Skye takes on a casual new person for a summer spree. Summer Skye and her set will join the Fortnite Crew before the end of summer and come in the Crew Pack for August 2021! ”Skye Outfit with Stormy Skye Style Cursed Eagleshield Back Bling. Until then, new subscribers will acquire the Marvel super villain Loki .

Here's what's in the August version of Fortnite Crew:

  • Summer Skye outfit with a stormy Skye style [19659013] Cursed Eagleshield Back Bling (decked out with a new winged friend)
  • Epic Sword of Might Pickaxe (single handed)
  • Pspspsps with Meowscles! Wrap
  • Shadow Meowscles-embellished Cattitude Wrap
  • Afternoon Quest Loading Screen

New subscribers also enjoy the usual Fortnite Crew benefits of the Chapter 2 – Season 7 Battle Pass and 1,000 V-Bucks for $ 11.99 each Month. Those wishing to subscribe to Fortnite Crew should bypass this website

to find out more about the offers and how to subscribe.

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Featured Images: Epic Games

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