ESTNN ranks all Fortnite Crew skins from worst to best!

Epic Games released the Fortnite Crew Subscription Service with lots of incentives for the average gamer in late 2020. For $ 11.99 per month, subscribers got every Seasonal Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, and a cosmetic set including a character outfit, pickaxe, back bling, wrap, and loading screen. Recently, other incentives such as additional loading screens and a free three-month subscription were added added by Spotify Premium. The main attraction, however, is the exclusive skins. They're only available for a month at a time before they go away forever.

We've had the opportunity to use all of the Fortnite Crew's cosmetics since launch, and today we're sorting them from worst to best. Remember, these are our opinions, but let us know what you think on Twitter @ESTNN. Now we come to the list!

7. Alli

 The new Alli skin with a woman with long pink hair, a blue hat and a jacket holding a herringbone pickaxe and a rat head object. Behind her is the Fortnite Crew crown logo and a bunch of V-Bucks. Next to it are the words

Alli, a cat-like character, came to a warm reception in April 2021 . As the sister of Lynx Alli is one of the toned down Fortnite crew designs. Apart from her long pink hair and the cat's ear cap, nothing particularly stands out. Like Vi, some could watch Alli and enjoy their moves, but lack a certain flair. This puts it in seventh place in the overall ranking.

6. Vi

 Five boxes appear containing, from left to right, a mat with a Fortnite character on it, a pink Vi skin with a wolf head hood, a blue Vi skin with the same hood, blue and yellow sickles and arrows, and a gold crown with a stack of V-Bucks all imposed over a Fortnite Crew crown logo and the words

The Fortnite Crew's fourth cosmetic outfit arrived in the form of Vi . This character represents the "Fox Clan," an in-game group that includes Drift and Catalyst. Vi was one of the weaker entries in the Crew franchise, but it all comes down to preference. Some players would no doubt run Vi given their two selectable styles, pickaxe and backbling. However, it just wasn't one that stood out from the crowd. These factors finally bring Vi to sixth place.

5. Llambro

 The Llambro Fortnite crew skin appears with a bunch of V-Bucks next to it.

March 2021 marked the debut of Llamabro an interesting design that crossed Fortnite's patented llama in human form. Llamabro's colorful palette highlights the character's outfit and cosmetics. Unfortunately, it wasn't an entirely original idea. The Llion skin debuted in February 2020 and appeared to be a forerunner of Llamabro. Nonetheless, it's still a fun concept and one that adds another legendary layer to the already iconic Fortnite Loot Lama.

4. Mecha Cuddle Master

 After returning from her interdimensional travels, the Cuddle Team Leader makes an impression as the Mecha Cuddle Master in a light pink mechanoid spacesuit accompanying a giant

The latest addition to the Fortnite crew surprised subscribers. In June 2021 Mecha Cuddle Master a spin-off of the legendary Cuddle Team Leader skin from Chapter 1 – Season 2. In this case, the ancient Fortnite cosmetics received some much-needed enhancement over the Fortnite crew, including a mech-style suit and other related cosmetic items. The Mecha Cuddle Master came with three styles to choose from and a futuristic pickaxe and matching back bling. Epic Games deviated from the script with the Mecha Cuddle Master and we welcome more unique concepts in the future.

3. Green Arrow

 The Green Arrow Fortnite crew skin sits next to a pile of V-Bucks with a crown outline behind him.

Epic kicked off the second month of its Fortnite Crew launch with a character, the comic book fans would quickly recognize. Oliver Queen, better known as Green Arrow, appeared back then as the latest crossover between DC Comics and Fortnite. It seemed out of the blue, but made sense on further investigation. Epic Games has collaborated with Batman and his characters in the past and present. The appearance of Green Arrow was excellent and its cosmetics represented the character well.

2. Galaxia

 The Galaxia Fortnite crew skin, which stands next to a pile of V-Bucks with a crown outline behind it.

Fortnite's first crew skin reinvented the fan-favorite Galaxy-style appearance, that many have learned to love over the years. Galaxia offers an appealing color palette, including neon pinks, greens, and an astral backdrop. Perhaps Galaxia is referring to COVID-19 in some ways and also wears a mask and sunglasses on her head. The Galaxy skins always cause a stir in Fortnite. Epic Games made a wise decision to open Fortnite Crew with Galaxia and it is rightly in second place.

1. Deimos

 All of Deimos' Fortnite crew cosmetic cosmetics come in boxes with a crown outline behind the boxes.

Mai's Fortnite crew skin happens to be the largest to date. Described as an "underworld dweller", Deimos emerged from the shadows during Fortnite Season 6 in May. Deimos came with three styles to choose from, including a stunning green glowing effect. The character is much different and darker than Fortnite usually creates, and it's honestly a special character outfit from head to toe.

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