ESTNN offers all Reboot Van locations in Fortnite Season 8.

The Fortnite Battle Royale fan base is over 24 hours in Chapter 2 – Season 8: Cubed. Purple cubes were invaded during the Operation: Sky Fire event and the map has changed as a result. There are some new areas to explore – most have their own reboot van to revive teammates. The influx of Reboot Vans was immediately noticed when the players hit the island of Season 8. Today ESTNN is offering a map of all Reboot Vans this season so you can bring your teammates back from beyond the grave and earn this Victory Royale Reboot Vans. "Width =" 986 "height =" 966 "/>

It's a Reboot Van -Adopted into Chapter 2 – Season 8. Almost every square inch of the newest map has one in sight. Thanks to Fortnite.GG we have a map on which all Reboot Vans are located. Last season only contained the primary Points of Interest (POIs ) like Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake, and Dirty Docks Reboot Vans. However, this is no longer the case. This change could theoretically result in longer public and arena games as there are many more ways to revive your teammates. Even undervalued drop spots like Camp Cod and Fort Crumpet have Reboot Vans.

It is also worth noting that Reboot Cards now expire after five minutes instead of one minute as in previous seasons n players no longer hold a key to pick up the card and instead walk over it. These are major adjustments to a mechanic that's been in Fortnite since Chapter 1 – Season 8. It's refreshing to see that Epic continues to change key aspects many years later, and your team may need them sometime in Chapter 2 – Season 8! ESTNN .

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