NA East's first trio tournament brought some exciting results!

The first Intel NUC Elite Cup for NA East and NA West trios took place on Competitive Fortnite's leading practice server. Some of Fortnite's best-known names took part in the competition, including world champions Bugha, Tfue, UnknownxArmy, Clix and many more. Open Qualifiers also took place in Practice Server, where lesser-known players would compete against some of Fortnite's best teams.

The Elite Cup points system was slightly different than most tournaments in the past. This time the placement points started in the top 15 remaining trios. There was also a “special rule” that eliminated the trio with the lowest score after the first two games. It is not surprising that one of the best NA East narrowly got away with victory after eight intense games.

Khanada, Bucke and Kreo Take the W

TSM Khanada, BBG Kreo and Bucke scored 129 points in eight games and won the ultimate Victory Royale. In total, these three NA East phenomena have put together 51 eliminations. The winners took home $ 4.2,000 and three Intel NUC computers. Khanada, Kreo and Bucke established themselves as the best trio of NA East with their first remarkable tournament victory.

Bugha, UnknownxArmy and Zayt at the top

  The Intel Elite Cup Fortnite classification with the names of the competitors and their points with a By the way female character

Fortnite world champion Bugha together with teammates Avery and Jamper took second place in the Elite Cup. Bugha and Company came close with 122 points, but could not secure victory. Bugha struggled to find a team at first, but the dynamic between him, Avery and Jamper, seems to be working.

Assault Degen and Iciev teamed up with E11 Daxor in third place. Chapter 2 – Season 2 Together with Liquid STRETCH, the FNCS champions Zayt and Saf took fourth place in the tournament. UnknownxArmy finished seventh with Prosecutor and Mikey.

Here is the complete structure of the Elite Cup prize pool:

 The breakdown of the Intel Elite Cup Fortnite prize pool with the funds for first to tenth place and a PC and female Fortnite character at the side

Drama between Team Tfue and Team Zayt

Tfue, innocent and scoped made the executive's decision to fight Zayt, Saf and STRETCH in Catty Corner. The former of these two trios only managed nine points and could not continue after two games due to the applicable "special rule". Zayt threw shadows to Tfue and Company after the tournament.

As rivalries develop, Chapter 2 – Season 3 has become one of the more competitive seasons for some time. Let's hope the players stay motivated and Epic sticks to their concerns. The best trios will develop over time.

Congratulations to Khanada, Kreo and Bucke on a highly competitive Elite Cup win!

Selected Image: Practice Server

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