The 85 mode is well known, said unequal team strengths. In response to criticism from the players, EA is now introducing the 90 mode. You can see what you heard here! Virtual Bundesliga / VBL

The Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) is tested by Electronic Arts together with the DFL (German Football League) and is therefore an official tournament of the eFootball world. It has been hearing-worn since the FIFA 13 release. Since 2019, many of the real professional clubs from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga have also been at the start with an eFootball team.

  Virtual Bundesliga: Megabit wins
MegaBit became FIFA Champion 2019

The VBL was made up of four components

  1. VBL Open : Some of FIFA 20 can be played by any player and the VBL Open for free and himself so feel for the playoffs.
  2. VBL Club Championship : This is where clubs from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga compete with their eFootball teams. In FIFA 20, 22 teams play against each other, collect points – just like in real football – and arrange themselves in a table. All three games will be listened to: one on Playstation 4, one on Xbox One (each 1v1) and a 2v2 match. Two players from each of the six best teams will move into the grand finale, the players in places 7-16 will get another chance in the playoffs.
  3. VBL Playoffs : This is where the players who have not yet qualified in the Club Championship and the best players in the VBL Open come together. The winners are helped at the VBL Grand Final.
  4. VBL Grand Final : The Grand Final is about the whole. At this last tournament only the best of the best and the new German champions are in FIFA. The Virtual Prize Money

The Virtual Bundesliga has been owned by ProSieben MAXX LIVE on TV since the 2018/2019 season.