Within a few months, the number of esports fans can increase, and more advertising dollars previously earmarked for live esports ads can be raised due to a break in some major sports leagues, and customers across the country are being held to receive due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The esports scene was already growing this year with esport advertising, according to a survey by eMarketer last year US $ 200 million revenue expected to be generated this year alone. According to a new report from marketing intelligence company WARC, brand investments of $ 795 million, an increase of 23.1%, and $ 584 million are estimated this year.

Big brands like CocaCola and Mars & # 39; Snickers & # 39; have recently started sponsoring sports, another signal of great interest to marketers in this digital region. Energy drinks are also a warm product, as recently featured in PepsiCo, which plans to receive $ 3.85 billion for Rockstar Energy.

This article was obtained from the Esports news, betting tip and rating website EsportsJunkie.com Original article at Faze Clan and G Fuel further partnership until 2020

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