The speed running charity organization games Done Quick (GDQ) plant the event "Corona Relief Done Quick". All donations that you can hear now go to Direct Relief .

The stream will be broadcast from 17th to 19th April. Three full days, one of these will be speed runs of the most emotional games. In contrast to the same marathons "Awesome Games Done Quick" and "Summer Games Done Quick", this full online access. The runners also play from home.

Quickly the summer games Quickly done

"Summer games quickly done" from June to August 16 will. These contracts are intended to ensure that the runners and organizers infect Corona and follow in the footsteps of Esports Events .

Last year alone, over $ 3 million and donations to Doctors Without Borders were heard at the event. With more than 120,000 surcharges, the GDQ series is the one with distance event in the speed running community.

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