Former EXCEL ESPORTS sports psychologist Fabian Broich has announced the establishment of Achieveminds, his own consulting agency for eSports performance. to be focused performance strategies to improve the performance of their players. Fabian Broich, founder of Achieveminds, said: “Because of my ambition to help more than just one organization and its players, the right step was to open a performance counseling service. This would allow me to work with players around the world, help them negotiate and manage their schedules, sleep, exercise, food, and the mental aspects of the game to progress faster while focusing on setting up the teams' performance systems focus for a more professional competition and a healthy environment for the players. 19659002] Sleep, nutrition and mental / physical training are part of the agency's holistic performance strategy.

Further partnerships with Engelbert Strauss, who designed the Achieveminds clothing collection, and AM Sport were also announced by the organization.

Broich worked as Head of Performance for the British eSports organization EXCEL before founding Achieveminds. His departure from the organization was only announced a few weeks ago.

Broich's current position as Head of Sports at the Esports Player Foundation (EFP) also enables him to help develop the organization's health and fitness initiatives. Broich will remain a member of the EPF despite the introduction of Achieveminds. 19659011]

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