For the rest of 2020, the organizer of the DreamHack tournaments has partnered with the audio technology company DTS. DreamHacks Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DreamHack Masters and DreamHack Open clearly cover the contract.

The partnership started in February with DreamHack Anaheim and will be extended through DreamHack Atlanta and DreamHack Winter. DTS intends to expand its presence in sports by creating "more partnerships and opportunities", according to a statement.

This month the online bookmaker Betway signed a DreamHack sponsorship agreement with DreamHack Spring on May 19. The Nevada Gaming Control Board issued an approval notice that allowed bets to be accepted just two weeks before the exact event.

Roger Lodewick, Co-Director of DreamHack, spoke about the deal: “To create new collaborations with other innovators in this industry is always wonderful. Just as DreamHack has been proud to be a pioneer in the growth and development of the sports sector over the past 25 years, DTS has invented and delivered audio solutions in a similar timeframe for mobile devices, home theater systems, films and beyond.

Sam Keene, Director of Digital Marketing at Xperi, commented: "The DTS are delighted to be partnering with the leading event manager Dreamhack." "This collaboration offers our passionate gaming community unique online and offline experiences and businesses. With Dreamhack we are very happy to develop a great partnership and look forward to it! “

This article was obtained from, the website for Esports news, betting tips and reviews. The original article can be found at DTS Gaming and DreamHack announce new partnership.

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