It looks like there won't be a new season in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The developers don't have any other plans yet.

Many fans were hoping for a new and existing season with a new Battle Pass after the Season 6 Battle Pass expired on November 23rd. The findings of the data miners were very conclusive and the signs were very good.

Nothing turned out differently. The battle pass of season 6 was not taken as intended and continued through a new season, but simply treated. There is an option to publish the Cold War Battle Pass. The developers were found in the game data that was named "Warzone Finale". A grand finale to Warzone in Modern Warfare?

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There will be no new season in all probability . According to VFX designer Reed Shingledecker, an employee at Infinity Ward, the game is supposed to be included with other new ones. Under what name and in what form the new content will be published, [itiscurrentlynotyetknown

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Image source: Infinity Ward

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