Here is our updated CDL 2021 power ranking.

With the first LAN major of the year starting this week, we take a look at our updated power rankings. Stage 4 has been one of the most exciting so far, and with some teams getting in shape just at the right time, the major could be the best event of the year.

12. Los Angeles Guerrillas (-1)

 A close-up of Justin

The Los Angeles guerrillas fought again in Phase 4, Week 3, losing 3-0 and 3-1. You finish phase 4 with a 0-5 record and a change may be needed soon. However, since we're only on the stage in front of the Champs for the season, we wouldn't be surprised if this squad holds out and tries to fix things.

11. Seattle Surge (+1)


After beating OpTic Chicago 3-2, Seattle Surge moves up one place in our power rankings. However, that victory is not enough to move over the Ravens or Paris. Seattle could sometimes beat big teams, but the consistency isn't there. At the Major on LAN they have to appear big.

10. London Royal Ravens (-)

 Members of the London Royal Ravens leave the stage for high five fans after a game

The London Royal Ravens have looked much better lately, and a massive game of Afro has added to it led them to defeat the guerrillas 3-1. This could easily have turned out to be 3-0 and is a big statement match that goes into the major. You accept Seattle Surge in Round 1 and must win that game. LA Thieves (-1)

 Huke, Slasher, Kenny and TJHaly's LA Thieves Call of Duty list, along with team clothing and an LA logo, appears behind it.

LA Thieves made another change last week. and could not win a series in their first two games as a squad. While they made some mistakes and could have completed a win against Minnesota, they suffered 3-2 and 3-1 defeats, which moved them down one place in our power rankings.

8. Paris Legion (+1)

 Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall claps his hands above his head as he takes the stage. During his tenure for the London Royal Ravens

Paris Legion continues to climb our power rankings with another win this week in Stage 4. Their 3-1 win over Seattle Surge showed the real team effort of Paris Legion and gives them a big boost on the way to the LAN.

7. Minnesota ROKKR (-)

<img class = "size-medium wp-image-401495 aligncenter" src = " 800×450.jpg "alt =" Pro Call of Duty player Eli "Standy" Bentz is pictured in a purple box, next to it is a black background that covers the rest of the image with the Minnesota Rokkr logo in the corner and the text "Welcome Standy "at the bottom. Minnesota ROKKR continues to look great with MajorManiak on the list. While they lost 1-1 to LAT and a loss to FaZe this week, ROKKR looks competitive and LAN could be their best friend. Priestahh had two great performances this week and will have to reach that level in the major.

6. Florida Mutineers (-2)

 Cesar "Skyz" Bueno takes the stage in his Florida Mutineers jersey [19659011] The Florida Mutineers suffered a 3-2 loss to the Dallas Empire this week, and that came with an absolute mon sterling performance from Vivid. The Mutineers lost both hardpoints, and that can't be allowed, especially on the LAN. Nevertheless they were able to make a big run with the major. </p>
<h2 style= 5. Dallas Empire (+1)

 Ian "Crimsix" Porter looks at a teammate's screen during a live Call of Duty League match.

Dallas Empire looked great as they a 3-2 Win against the Florida Mutineers. Vivid played on a different level and almost single-handedly won this match for Empire. On the way to LAN, Dallas has a statement to make and with the Champs not far away this might be the best time to warm up.

4. OpTic Chicago (+1)

 Matthew "Formal" Piper stands and calls an off-screen teammate while at the Chicago Huntsman

recovering from a 3-1 loss to Seattle Surge OpTic Chicago got back with a 3-1 win over LA Thieves to complete Stage 4. Dashy did massive damage again as he continues to dominate with the AR. However, Scump was the big player for OpTic in Stage 4 as he played his best COD that year. OpTic should have an advantage in returning to the LAN with all his experience, so they have to use it.

3. New York Subliners (-)

 Obaid "Asim" Asim stands against a black background in low light wearing his Minnesota Rokkr hoodie

It was a two 3-0 story for the Subliners in week 3. A 3-0 win against the Royal Ravens was expected, while a 3-0 loss to Toronto Ultra was not so expected. However, Mack has become a dominant force in phase 4, and if he can continue this form on the LAN, New York becomes very dangerous.

2. Toronto Ultra (-)

 Ben "Bance" Bance sits behind his monitor during a live game

Toronto Ultra will go to the major with a lot of confidence after beating New York 3-0. Toronto has no card to lose after their loss to Florida, and this dominant run could see them bring home Major 4.

1. Atlanta FaZe (-)

 A close-up of McArthur "Cellium" Jovel with his CDL headset competing with his team during a live game

FaZe continued on great form with another 3: 1- Winning the major in week 3, they look like the best team in the game and are without a doubt the ones to beat.

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