This or That | Read the Slide Kobe!

This or That is back with Kobe and Cap, and this week they're dueling over tilting tops, feeding and winning, and the beards of the LCS. source

LEC Match of the Week: Origen vs Fnatic

The LEC is back and what better way to end the first day than to have a face off between two goliath organizations, Origen and Fnatic. This old school matchup ... source

LMQ vs C9 – 2014 NA LCS Summer W2D2

For game stats, go to the LMQ vs C9 match page: Cloud9 -- C9 ... source

Korea all-stars head to Shanghai

During the weeks leading up to the all-star event, we'll introduce each of the five teams traveling to China. We tallied your votes and the team is set. Now let's ... source

EU Rising: Vitality

Vitality had a rough start to the split and now that they have been broken they are ready to build themselves back up again. source

SKT vs EDG – Group Stage Day 6

SKTelecom T1 vs Edward Gaming 2015 World Championship - Group Stage Week 2 Day 2 --- For more Lolesports action, SUBSCRIBE ... source

CRS vs LMQ – 2014 NA LCS Summer W11D2

For game stats, go to the CRS vs LMQ match page: Curse – CRS ... source

LanexLane: Rift Rivals

LanexLane pits caster against caster as they use their NA LCS and League esports knowledge to fight for gold and be crowned the winning lane. source

Pros and their Fantasy Teams

Hear all about how North American pros are picking their own Fantasy teams, (as well as some next-level strategies from Dyrus). -- For more LCS coverage ... source

Day 2 | Play-In Group Stage | Mid-Season Invitational (2018)

2018 Mid-Season Invitational Play-In Group Stage #MSI2018 BAUSuperMassive eSports vs. Dire Wolves KaBuM! e-Sports vs. PENTAGRAM BAUSuperMassive ... source

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