kNgV- returns in O PLANO with a new lineup

"I'm looking forward to playing again and I don't want to talk too much," the Brazilian APWer said, "I want to shoot." Source link

CLG Red announce revamped roster

The North American organization has completed its lineup with three new players. Source link

Apeks sign shox

The Frenchmen returned to Europe by joining the Norwegian organization. Source link

cowana sign denis

The German returns to competition after an eleven-month break. Source link

STYKO takes up IGL mantle for Apeks

The 26-year-old will take the reins of the international project heading into the second half of the season. Source link

More than just an academy team – how ENCE is investing into Finland's future

As one of the latest top organizations to enter the academy space, ENCE is aiming higher than just having an additional team of players. Source link

MOUZ NXT out of contention as WePlay Academy League Season 5 reaches play-in

The four-time Academy League champions are not among the names left standing as the league nears playoffs. Source link

Report: NBK- and misutaaa to join Falcons

The duo are returning to the French scene after playing in international rosters. Source link

leo_drk rounds out Case's roster

The former MIBR and 00NATION player fills the vacant spot on the lineup. Source link

Copenhagen Flames announce Zyphon exit

The 18-year-old is "moving on to new adventures," leaving just one player of the last Copenhagen Flames team still on the books. Source link

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