The latest acquisition event comes to Apex Legends on April 13th with five new playlist acquisitions.

At the two-week event, five new playlist takeovers will be exchanged over the course of the War Games event. It runs from April 13th and ends on April 27th. First, the event will add a new game mode called "Second Chance" that will give players one free respawn per game. Instead of your team picking you up at a respawn beacon once per game, after a short while you jump back into the action in which you died. In Game Mode, players cannot earn Wrath (Damage Badges), Guard (Kills Badges), and Assassins (5+ Kills Badges) as Game Mode makes it easier to obtain.

Next up are auto banners. Banner cards that are automatically retrieved from the bodies of dead teammates are displayed. This mode also increases the spawn rate of mobile respawn beacons, making it even easier for players to get back into the action.

In Killing Time, the game's lap time decreases every time a legend is killed in the game. This means that rings will close much faster, especially at the beginning, with teams moving around the map much faster.

Ultra Zones increases the number of hot zones on the map, which increases the yield of high-level loot. In addition, these hot zones are given a flash point, which means that HP and shield refill within the zone.

Armor regeneration is the final mode and simply means that armor passively regenerates itself over time. At 12 armor per second, damage occurs eight seconds after the last damage taken. The time between legends is doubled when you completely exhaust a shield. Finally, in this mode, shield cells will no longer appear on the map either.

All five modes rotate as the event progresses:

  • Second Chance: Tuesday April 13 through Thursday April 15
  • Ultra Zones: Thursday April 15 through Monday April 19
  • Auto-Banner: Monday, April 19 through Wednesday, April 21
  • Killing time: Wednesday, April 21 through Friday, April 23
  • Armaments regeneration: Friday, April 23 through Tuesday, April 27

That The new event also includes a new reward track (above) with XP boosts, weapon skins, battle pass levels, skins and weapon attachments.

Apex Legend Design Director, Jason McCord also posted a thread on Twitter about the new event and the rationale behind the playlist takeover.

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