It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Nintendo’s characters (and their disturbingly eroticised hybrids) on the internet. First there was Donald Trump’s penile Toad, then Bowsette, and now the latest Mario universe star hovering on the brink of meme-dom: indie rock Rosalina.

Rosalina’s striking new look began garnering attention over the weekend when concept art from the Super Mario Odyssey art book (the same book that proved Nintendo had invented Bowsette way before the internet thought it did) was posted to the r/Nintendo. Unsurprisingly, fandom was immediately enthralled by the sight of everybody’s favourite intergalactic princess dressed down and grunged up.

It’s not just Rosalina’s new look that’s piqued fans’ interest, of course – many are curious to know what kind of role the character was originally intended to play in Super Mario Odyssey, given that she’s conspicuously absent in Mario’s latest adventure, despite the Mushroom Kingdom’s other two A-list princesses – Peach and Pauline – getting a plenty of airtime.

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