Call of Duty for everyone! (Even for Sony if they take it)

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has turned the gaming world upside down with a tweet. Here are all the details... Source link

OWL: Atlanta Reign Pick-up Wizard Hyeong

One of the greatest coaches of all time, WizardHyeong joins his fourth team in his fifth season. Hyeong-sook "WizardHyeong" Kim joins the… Source link

Evil Geniuses officially announce their 2023 LCS roster with Ssumday and FBI additions

The 2022 LCS Spring Champions aim to do the same thing in 2023. Since her rejoining the LCS in 2020… Source link

WoW Dragonflight Great Vault Guide, Rewards, Start Date and More

Dragonflight means the Great Vault is back. Here is all the information about how it will work. The Great Vault of the Dragonflight... Source link

DRX dissolves the world champion list, only BeryL remains in the team for spring...

After DRX won the LoL World Championship just under a month ago, DRX will… Source link

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