Match-fixing allegations continue to surface in CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is no stranger to match-fixing scandals, some of which are rumor while others are proven, including harsh penalties. The latest allegation involves ex-pro players, where "HObbit" currently stands...

Spart was dropped due to Gunless returning to the Los Angeles Guerrillas roster

Spart returns to the bench while Gunless returns to the LAG starting lineup The Los Angeles Guerrillas have after… Source link

Generation Esports acquires the Military Gaming League

generation esportsthe founder of High School Esports Leaguehas taken over a US military-focused eSports league Military Gaming League (MGL). Generation Esports will continue to host online and in-person esports tournaments for the league, which...

What to expect from the PUBG Nations Cup

Player Unknown Battlegrounds will launch a new incursion into the esports scene. They regularly have the usual league system with a final tournament for the best teams in the world, however a...

Apex Legends Mobile introduces the new legend Fade

Apex Legends Mobile will finally be available for global launch on May 17th, 2022. To celebrate the global… Source link

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