Interview with Skullface about his WSOW win, EU vs NA and Warzone 2 hopes

We spoke to Skullface, one of the World Series of Warzone winners, to discuss his WSOW win, EU v... Source link

CSGO ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D Predictions

Group D of the ESL Pro League is shaping up to be the clearest cut of them all. We have three clear favorites to deal with underdogs, which should look like an...

TYLOO publishes BnTeT and Bench Attacker, two supplements

Chinese team TYLOO is shaking up their lineup in hopes of a fresh start. TYLOO, a juggernaut in the Asian… Source link

Crimsix officially retires from rival Call of Duty

Crimsix, the most successful Call of Duty player in history, has officially announced its retirement from Call of Duty competition. He explained in a video posted to YouTube that there was a...

Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks – Olympus After Dark

The fourteenth season of Apex Legends is in full swing, but fans are already looking ahead to the next big event. The apex… Source link

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