Valorant Masters Berlin: Gambit Esports makes it easy to win Team Envy

Gambit Esports defeated Team Envy and won the second international Valorous Masters. The Russian all-star team secured the championship with a 3-0 win. Many Valorant analysts predicted a closer game between...

The bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition leads a number of new Halloween LoL skins for...

A new Prestige Skin for Morgana was revealed by Riot Games along with a number of other new League of Legends skins in time for Halloween. The adorable Morgana Prestige Edition leads a...

Fortnite: how to get a storm forecast from a character in season 8

ESTNN will show you where and how to get a storm forecast to complete this Fortnite Season 8 quest. Hotfix v18.00 introduced a new quest in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 8 instructs players...

How Bumble is helping to change the gender dynamic in esports

When comparing esports and dating apps, the connection between the two isn't immediately apparent. However, since 2018, many companies in the field, such as Bumble and Tinder, have entered the esports industry. In...

Pokimane is reportedly receiving "many" esports team offers

Pokimane says she has received "many" lucrative offers to quit OfflineTV and join esports or gaming organizations, but the Twitch star refuses to take any of them for a very personal reason...

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NiP vs Anonymo Controversy Break Down | The TE Show | Ronald Alexander

On May 14, the underdogs lead by Polish CS star Snax, sent the series favorites Ninjas in Pyjamas to the lower bracket of Flashpoint...

New CSGO Operation Riptide announced by Valve

Valve has just shipped a new update for CSGO players to fawn over, a new operation: Operation Riptide. Operation turnover hasn’t been this...

EsportsXO To Acquire Samurai Esports Valorant Roster And Content Creators

esportsxo #samuraiesports #valorant Esports XO, an esports tournament management company, is set to acquire the entire Valorant roster of Samurai Esports. source

Free Fire Max to launch on 28th September Worldwide » TalkEsport

Garena announced the launch date of the most awaited exclusively designed battle royale game, Free Fire Max. In a press release held by...

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